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Compactors 2 CAT 815F Compactor
3 CAT 825H Compactor
Crane 1 TEREX FRANNA 25 Ton Crane
Dozer 1 CAT D9T Dozer
1 CAT D8T Dozer
2 CAT D10T Dozer
2 CAT D11R Dozer
Dump Trucks 4 25T Articulated Dump Truck
2 30T Articulated Dump Truck
11 40T Articulated Dump Truck
4 90T Dump Truck
3 145T Dump Truck
5 180T Dump Truck
Excavator 2 13T Excavator
1 20T Excavator
3 30T Excavator
1 36T Excavator
5 50T Excavator
2 90T Excavator
2 190T Excavator
Backhoe 1 EX3600
Flat Tray Truck 2 Crane Truck
Flocon 3 Flocon TRUCK
Fuel Truck 1 HINO Mini Tanker 6,000 Ltr
Grader 1 CAT 14H Grader
1 CAT 14M Grader
2 CAT 16H Grader
1 CAT 24H Grader
Loader 1 CAT IT38 Loader
1 VOLVO L90F Loader
1 VOLVO L120F Loader
Rollers 1 12T Smooth Drum Roller
1 12T Pad Foot Roller
1 16T Smooth Drum Roller
1 16T Pad Foot Roller
Trenchers 1 VERMEER Trencher T455
1 VERMEER Trencher T555
2 VERMEER Trencher T755
Vehicles 2 HINO GT 4x4 Crew Cab with Beavertail
Water Trucks 1 HINO 7000 Ltr Water Truck
1 VOLVO FE 280 15000Ltr Water Truck
2 25,000ltr Articulated Water Truck
1 35,000ltr Articulated Water Truck
1 50,000ltr Rigid Water Truck

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