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Since 1962, Egans Group has been a family-owned business with a Egans Group Plant Hire Machinery from 1960'sstrong commitment to project management and plant hire services for the whole construction industry. Our plant operators have access to continuous training and are fully licensed to handle our wide range of equipment. In addition, we believe in open communication between our customers and our staff, building a long-term relationship to ensure the highest levels of worker safety and client satisfaction in every project.

Our Commitment

Egans Group machinery from 1960'sThe business culture of Egans Group is centered on our commitment to health and safety standards for all our employees and worksite visitors. We hope to meet and exceed all legislative requirements for occupational health and safety, as well as take practical steps to educate and train our employees about environmentally safe pratices.

In addition, our management team is dedicated to monitoring and evaluating the quality performance of every consultant, subcontractor and supplier attached to one of our projects. Through effective communication with these professionals, we hope to ensure a high-quality degree of compliance with all legal and client-related issues.

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Hear from our most satisfied clients about the work we've done for 50 Years Egans Group Logo them and the success they've enjoyed a result.

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Customers choose us for our wide range of best in class equipment to customer locations nationally, reliability & customer support along with highly skilled operators & service staff. We are a One Stop Shop.